About Us

We have been serving the Spokane area for over 25 years.

A little history about us…

We started out as AdMax Express serving automotive dealers making customer appreciation calendars and some specialty printing using a foil application. We found that the Spokane area is pretty conservative and everyone was wondering what all that flash was about.

After a few years of running the business out of our basement, we moved into an 800 square foot location on 29th avenue and became AME Print & Copy. Immediately the South Hill community welcomed us in. We were at this location for about 14 months and knew we needed to expand.

Across the street we found a 4300 sq. ft. location owned at the time by the Gummenberg Family. A gracious family who worked with us for many years and we will always remember them with great appreciation for their support.

We were at that location for 10 years. When we first moved in we had no idea how we would fill up the expanse, but we managed. After 10 years on Spokane’s South Hill we moved to a new location.

Since January 2012 we have been at at 2515 East Sprague.

Over the years we have grown and employed state of the art equipment for digital printing and print finishing. In 2007 we started Gray Dog Press which has grown into its own. We print books and publications for local and regional self-published authors but the bulk of what goes through is for small to mid-sized publishers all over the US. During the average month we will see thousands of books get made and be sent to all parts of the country. You can find out more at the GDP website here.

Om May 1st, 2024 we moved to 4201 East Trent Avenue.